The Brilliant Book – Season 2

In 2014, the first season of The Brilliant Book was aired on The Community Channel. In the Spring of 2020 we will be working on Season 2, at first we will be working on some pilot episodes to bring everyone up to speed on the series as well as working on a large scale project.

If you look on Youtube, you’ll find some clips from one of the episodes. At present, Rhonda Merrick is working on an album of sung poems that will accompany the series and she hopes to have some of the songs playing on local radio stations.

We will have more news for you as it gets closer to the Spring of next year. So please keep an eye on our blog. There’s also a small Wikipedia page which explains the premise of The Brilliant Book.

Are you interested in making short films?

We’re searching for creative people interested in any aspect of film making (Ideally located within South East England).

The aim is to shoot and edit the films to a high standard of quality.

Please email

The Road You Choose

The Road You Choose
The Road You Choose – a feature film sponsored by KATFM

Production on The Road You Choose is moving smoothly as the first major collaboration between Ashford Arts Centre, AFS Films and the Music Tech Department at Ashford College are all working hard towards finishing the project in time for the Christmas season. The film will debut in an indie cinema this November for a small group of invited guests, then will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime.